Aaron Hartfield on Becoming a Great Footballer


It is not easy to be an athlete. It takes continuous practice and hard work to stick to the game. Improvement is as important as knowing the rule. This is the reason, players who want to make a career as sports persons need to gather tips to stay in shape even at the off season.

Aaron Hartfield is a professional footballer. He has spent a lot of time learning the game. He plays well and have done well in his short career. He has learnt enough tricks to help the young players in their career. If you are serious about being a great footballer, this article might help you get started in your career and also get better at being a footballer.

Setting a Goal

Aaron has learnt that without a goal, it is not possible to go far. This is the reason, he focuses on setting goals. In his personal life, he sets goals to accomplish success. This he tells the young players to do too. Goals when set properly lets you know where to go. Sometimes choosing the right path becomes the most difficult task. To avoid such state of confusion, you need to have a goal in mind. You need to know where you want to go and how to reach it. However, there is one important fact you need to remember, setting unreasonable goal might cause reverse result. If you set a goal which is unachievable, you will soon lose your courage to chase it. In such a case, you will end up giving up on your effort. This is the reason always set reasonable goals which will help you in your career paths.

Practice a Lot

This is a cliché. However, Aaron Hartfield focuses on this too.  He says without hours spent practicing no one will be able to make it as a successful footballer. Always attend team practices. These are scheduled for a reason. Here you will get to know the tricks to become better at the game. You will also learn about your weaknesses. Without knowing your weakness you will not be able to work on them. If you don’t have a partner to practice with, you can train yourself to be better. If you are a QB, you can focus on your legwork. In case of other positions, you can work on your throws or receiving skill. It is you to decide where you need the hardest work. Don’t fail to show up is the motto everyone should be acquiring.

Know You Can

Knowing that you are capable makes the journey a lot easier. When you have the confidence and faith, you can do it. Therefore, no matter what always believe in yourself. Of course there will come times when you might feel down. Of course, there will be games that will create doubt in your mind. These are the times when you need to cling on to the belief that you are born to succeed. Aaron says that nothing brings success better than a strong mind with confidence.

Attitude Does it All – Wear the NFL Attitude


Attitude determines whether you are going to be a success or a failure in life. This is not only true in case of football but the whole life follows this observation only. However, as a footballer your attitude surely makes a big difference. Anywhere else you might get away with the wrong attitude for a while, but, football is not the game which will allow you to get successful with anything but the right attitude. The question arises then how to build that attitude which will not only earn you a place in NFL, it will make you survive the challenge of the sport as well.


Being a pro footballer Duval Love NFL knows the importance of right attitude for a footballer. His career has been a successful one. He indoctrinates the need to be motivated with what you would like to accomplish. Don’t think of what you don’t want to do. This is a psychological game which the footballers play. Think of the successful outcomes only. Don’t think of the negative things which mish happen. On the field when the opposition is ramming against you the positive and success thought can get you going.


The ability to keep professional and person life separate will surely help you get better at your game. Yes, there will be problems, Duval Love takes it. But, giving in to personal problems will only ruin your career. Chasing your passion requires making sacrificing. Football too wants you to make a lot of sacrifices. You need to understand that NFL is the most popular game in America. If you don’t get yourself prepared for the game, you will not be able to qualify. People like Love had made a lot of sacrifices in their loves to be successful.


Practice a lot, this might sound like a cliché. But, the bottom line of success is practicing. If you don’t keep pushing you will not get better. Pro football is a contact game. You are always exposed to the risk of getting injured. This is the main reason why you need to keep pushing yourself. It is important that you keep improving yourself. With practice not only your skill will get better, your confidence level will get a boost as well.


Learning to take responsibility changes the attitude. Yes, you can put the blame on someone else. You can put the blame on the field. You can put the blame on the boots you were wearing. Duval Love NFL makes it a point to say that putting blame will not help you get better. It will only hold you back. Instead of putting the blame on someone, accept responsibility. If you have made a mistake and the team has suffered due to it, don’t run from the mistake. Instead accept it. Once you do, you will be able to learn from it.


Being a star is important. However, being a brand is more important in the modern generation. Get a mentor, someone how has played the game. Find out how you want to be known as. This will help you promote yourself.



Choose Steroids for the Good Development of Men

As we noted previously that health is something that we should pay attention. If you want to have the good development of your body to, you need to make sure that you really pay attention to the food consumption and many kinds of aspects that can influence the development of the body too. If we can really consider about the good food choice and we can practice the healthy life style, we can have such a good condition for our health too. Of course, you want to have the good condition for your body right?

The development of the body here is not only for the women only but also for men too. The growth or the development of men can be different with the women. For the development of men, some of them can face the delayed puberty. This kind of condition can be done with the use of steroids. Have you ever heard about steroids before? So, this is such a good supplement that can be used for enforcing the development or the growth of puberty for men.

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After-surgery Get-well Baskets 5 Ideas

The experience of surgery is usually accompanied by more than a little bit of trepidation for most people. Even a minor surgery can be nerve-wracking for both the patient and for those who care about him or her.

Surgery also tends to be an exhausting experience for most patients – and more than a little bit disorienting. This is because recovering from surgery takes us out of our normal routine, whether that routine be working at the office, tending to homemaking duties, or playing golf or gardening.

If you know someone who has just gone through surgery or plans to do so soon, buying or making them an after-surgery get-well basket is a great way to show that you care.

Here are 5 ideas for after-surgery get-well baskets:

1. Sports:
The great thing about gift baskets is that you can fill them with just about anything that the recipient might be interested in. For example, the sports basket is an excellent choice for the sports fan or sportsman/woman in your life. Fill the basket with sports DVDs, books and magazines. Or, how about a sports-themed video game? Even sports-loving adults would love one.

2. Wine And Cheese:
For the “foodie” in your life, a wine and cheese gift basket shows a real touch of class. You can assemble your own basket by choosing delicacies from a well-stocked grocery store. Or, you can also buy a pre-made basket that contains your favorite goodies.

3. Spa:
The word “spa” brings to mind a person relaxing in a steamy, quiet, fragrant atmosphere. The image may even include massages and facials going on in the room next door . . . you get the picture. These comforting images will be brought to mind when you give a spa basket. You can include in it, for example: a spa gift certificate, lotions and soaps, a lufa brush, and even some candles. The person you know recovering after surgery will love the relaxed feeling that your spa gift basket will bring them.

4. Gardening:
Gardening is another activity that brings peaceful, healing images to mind. A gardening gift basket could contain little garden tools, some flower or vegetable seed packets, a hat, and even some sunscreen.

5. Picnic:
For the family-oriented person or for the romantic, a picnic gift basket is a wonderful get-well-soon gift. Fill it will meats, cheeses, breads and crackers. Include a bottle of wine. And, don’t forget the plates, glasses, and utensils! A picnic gift basket would give the person you care about an excuse to go out enjoy the outdoors while they are getting better after surgery.
After-surgery get well baskets are a great way to show that you care. They can also speed up the recovery time for the patient who has recently undergone surgery.

Online Sports Magazine Easy Way To Access All The Information About Sports

A sport magazine is a type of periodical that is composed of a diverse collection of article, stories and photographs intended for general audience. Nowadays people are more interested in reading sports magazine. Most of the young boys are interested in reading sports magazine especially those magazines which are related to cricket and football. These sports magazine usually includes the pictures of sports person, interviews of sportsman, stories and many more topics.

Today magazines are used to spread information as well as to advertise. This has been the common used of magazines in the society. In the sport world magazine printing is the great way to make an impact. Most of the people have atleast favourite sport magazine, which depend on what type of sports they love. Some time you purchase a magazine just because to read only one section. Now you are willing to read that section every time, so you have to buy magazine every time when the new version will publish. Buy that magazine every time is wastage of money and time. This is really hard to decide which magazine you should purchase. You have to find your own style and find out what kind of sport that you love to play and a good sport magazine. Buy a magazine, which you really have no idea what they have inside is a big mistake and waste your money and time.

With the advancement in technology, now you can access sports men magazine through internet also. Online sports men magazine is easiest way the read the sports magazine. Online sports men magazine are available all the time 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. You can read only that part which you want to read not the other advertisement. Free sports magazines are available on the internet. Different companies offer free men magazines online. Octanmen is a online sports men magazine, they provide free sports magazine.

Tips For Choosing Alabama Clothing For Game Day

The countdown to the start of football season has already begun. The players and coaching staff are hard at work, preparing for the new season. You can prepare for the season, too, by purchasing your Alabama clothing and preparing your ensembles. If you’re new to the football games, you need to know what to expect so you don’t feel like a fish out of water among the Crimson Tide. Here are a few things that you should know about dressing for the game:

If in doubt, just wear red. Friends don’t let friends wear orange or any other color to a Crimson Tide football game. You can find lots of different items of clothing and accessories in red and with the Alabama logos on it. Some of the things that that you could wear in red are shoes, boots, dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, overalls, jewelry, buttons, cowboy hats, baseball caps, neckties, blazers, or sweatshirts.

Formal Attire
When it comes to football games in the state of Alabama, you may be surprised to see everyone dressed in their formal attire. It may look like they’re headed to a fancy party or church. For fans, football is a religion and a game is a fancy party for them. Women can be seen wearing dresses, cowboy boots, and pearl necklaces. Men often wear khakis, button-up dress shirts, and blazers. The bottom line is keep it classy.

Houndstooth Print
Legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant sported a hat with houndstooth print when he was on the sidelines of games. Since then, this print has become incredibly popular with fans. You can find it on hats, shirts, ties, cuff links, scarves, gloves, and socks. The majority of fans have at least 1 item with the print on it.

Spirit Jerseys
In 2014, one of the most popular trends for girls to wear was oversized jerseys paired with leggings and boots. For 2015, this trend will continue to be a popular option. Of course, both men and women of all ages can sport their jerseys to show their Alabama pride.

White Elephants
In 1930, Everett Strupper wrote an article for the Atlanta Journal where he referred to the Alabama linemen as “Red Elephants.” That year, the team went on to become national champions, so the term stuck and elephants became the unofficial mascot. When Bear became the coach, he didn’t like the idea of elephants as the mascot so he didn’t use the symbol very often. However, the elephant officially became the mascot in the 1970s. Since then, the symbol of a white elephant can be seen on various items of clothing, especially humorous shirts.

Sororities and fraternities have buttons for their members to wear to games, but there are many that you can purchase to sport with your ensemble. With designs ranging from sayings like “Beat Everyone” to the shape of the state of Alabama, you can find one that will help you show your team spirit. You can also find some with houndstooth print, the lyrics for “Sweet Home Alabama,” or the phrase “I love Alabama!”

When you walk into the Bryant-Denny Stadium, you’ll find the motto “At some places, they play football. At Alabama, we live it.” Part of living the game is dressing for the team. There is a reason that the Crimson Tide fans are known for being some of the most loyal college football fans. First and foremost, they have the attitude and excitement that radiates through the stadium. But they also sport Alabama clothing that shows off their team spirit and helps cheer on their team.

Table Tennis Can Be An Exercise Activity

The need for regular physical activity has never been higher than it is now. The alarming rates of heart disease and obesity are increasing, and much of this is due to the fact that physical activity is at a low point for humans today. We simply do not need to stand up and move around as much as we used to. The technology has stepped in and relieved us of the need to constantly do ourselves, and the need to actively seek business was born. Unfortunately, most people do ask activity in the form of hard physical exercise underway at a gym, jogging, or other similar things. These are all wonderful for the body, but they require a lot of dedication, effort and discipline and, hence, they can be difficult to keep. What we need are forms of exercise that are fun and a little less difficult for us to actively assist and losing these books. Here are four great ideas.

Ping-pong or table tennis as it is officially known is a great sport to become active. As a reduction of the version of tennis, ping-pong is a fun sport with a rapid pace, but is not so physically demanding that his counterpart greater. It can be picked up by anyone, and your body movement, build your reflexes and your heart pumping. Its a great source of exercise that you can burn many calories without leave you winded and emptied of its energy. The rules are very simple and can be learned in minutes and as long as you have a table it can at any time played. It is also a sport very pleasant, and when you play with a friend You’ll find you stay with him for much longer than you had originally planned.

Badminton is a great sport for the year. Although slightly more demanding physically and table tennis, badminton can really be played at any pace. The specially designed birdie lofts in the air much slower than a tennis ball, so you can enjoy this sport to a pleasant level, or further and play harder and really your body of work. Anyway You’ll be burning calories and do the exercise you need, but You’ll have great pleasure to do so. While badminton is normally played on a big court, you can play in your own garden with just one birdie and two rackets. Because of its different levels of physical effort and the ability to play anywhere badminton is a sport very versatile.

No exercise is also beneficial for your cardiovascular system as swimming. Your heart has to work hard to move your bodys weight in water, and having to hold your breath and control it exercises your lungs and make them more capable of supplying oxygen to your blood. Swimming is also one of the highest assessment forms of exercise to burn calories in a relatively short period of time. The biggest advantage to swimming is that most people like to do so. You do not have to make towers and swimming as an athlete to get the benefits of swimming. Leisure swimming, diving and treading water are all thats needed. It is easy to do for long periods of time, help your body to burn unwanted fat. Better still, when you’re ready to call it quits, all you have to do is pull on a float, kick back and enjoy some rays.

Finally, we have a form of exercise that is truly unique video game console on the nintendo wii. The Wii is placed on the market as the first video game system that promotes physical activity, and Nintendo has actually developed several games that focus on movement and exercise. Never before a person has been able to burn calories because they play a video game, but now you can easily do it from your own home. Besides the lifting of games, there are also several sports games that you travel and competition. The beauty is that none of these games that are physically demanding that sports they represent, but you moving and burning energy and exert oneself. You can also get easily taken in competition with your friends, play for hours that you burn calories and to establish the strength of your heart.

While it is true that Americans are less exercise than ever before, a new trend of practice, the exercise occasionally May methods very well change that. You do not need expensive gyms or intense exercise routines that are difficult to stick to lose weight or get in better shape, just find something you like you do on your feet. If you like, do you feel that you have to commit to anything, and You’ll spend much more time on it. There are many ways to burn calories and tone your body, then do what suits you best!

Sports Memorabilia Fraud On The Rise Again

Fake autographs on eBay are more prevalent today than during the FBI Operation Bullpen sting a few years ago. It seems that this new generation of fraudulent sellers have forgotten how many people the FBI put in jail during their investigation.

The industrys leading autograph authenticator, PSA-DNA, claims that only 33 percent of more than 10,000 Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan autographs it scrutinized were real. That means more than 6,600 of the 10,000 signatures PSA-DNA sampled were forgeries.

eBay is a prime place to sell fake autographs because most bidders are new to the market and don’t know how to spot a real autograph. Some bogus dealers trick customers by providing a Certificate of Authenticity from their own unknown company. They even create their own holograms complete with serial numbers in an effort to appear as a legitimate seller.

These sellers often have very good feedback on eBay because they ship the items out fast and provide good service to take the focus off the fraudulent autographs they are selling. Remember, most of the criminals who were prosecuted by the FBI had tons of positive feedback on eBay before they were arrested.

Great feedback does not mean that the seller is offering real autographs. It just means that the buyers don’t realize the items are fake when they get them. If you can’t tell that an autograph is fake based on the listing, you won’t be able to tell when you actually get the product in your hands.

The solution is to buy from well-known companies who have a reputation for contracting direct with athletes. Big name companies who contract with athletes can tell you when the item was signed. Companies like Upper Deck, Steiner Sports, Mounted Memories, ALLAuthentic.com and others have strong reputations when it comes to authentic autographs.

When a well-known company has a strong reputation for dealing in authentic autographs, they will go to great lengths to ensure authenticity.

On the other hand, when you see an unknown seller offering signed Michael Jordan jerseys without Upper Deck Authentication, you have to question the authenticity of that item. Jordan has an exclusive contract with Upper Deck and he doesn’t sign for anyone else.

Furthermore, if this seller is offering their own certificate (i.e. Bob’s Sports Shack) with their own unknown hologram, the alert signals should be going off.

The fictional company above (Bob’s Sports Shack) would not have access to Jordan and would not be able to get Jordan’s autograph without going through Upper Deck.

Not all scenarios are as cut and dry as this one, but most of the time, if you put several elements together and look at the seller’s other items, you can determine whether or not the seller is offering authentic autographs.

Athletes charge for their autograph. A legitimate dealer has to pay an athlete a good sum of money to sign things for them. Usually dealers who contract with athletes in this way will be able to tell you where and when the items were signed because it is in their best interest to document the signing.

So if you see a seller on eBay that has 500 items for sale from every imaginable athlete and celebrity, that is a warning sign. I have seen sellers who have multiple quantities of everyone from Joe Montana, to Britney Spears, John Lennon, and other autographs that are very tough to get. Usually all of the certificates are from the same unknown company which is another hint that the autographs are fake.

Study the seller and their other items closely before purchasing. This will save you a lot of time and money and you will end up with an item that is an investment instead of an expensive mistake.

Paragliding Vs. Skydiving – Which Is For You

Are you dreaming to fly? Nowadays people have several options to fulfil such a dream – much more than in the near past. You can try things like flying an ultralight airplane, making BASE jumps, flying a hang glider or paraglider, skydiving and indoor skydiving. In this article I’ll focus on two of the most popular options – both are “engine free” – flying your own light sport aircraft is really complex and expensive, so let’s not talk about that. Let’s instead of that see whether Paragliding or Skydiving is the right sport for you.

What Is Paragliding?
Paragliding is a recreational activity, considered an extreme sport, practiced by using an engine-free aircraft. The aircraft used in paragliding are extremely simple and they are often called just “wings”. A typical paraglider consists of a fabric wing and a harness. There is no cockpit like in the “real” gliders neither a hard wing like the ones that hang gliders have. Exactly this however is one of the important reasons for the raising popularity of paragliding – paragliders are affordable and don’t take much space. You can even put one in a large backpack, which certainly can’t be done with a glider.

In paragliding you are launching the aircraft by foot – usually people use hills where they run and jump to start flying.

Paragliding gives you good amount of control over the flight. Although not generally used for transportation, paragliders can serve for this purpose because one flight can continue up to several hours. Of course that depends on the weather conditions, your skills and other factors.

What is Skydiving
Skydiving looks similar to paragliding because of the equipment but the similarities probably end here. Skydiving is an extreme sport that involves jumping with a parachute from an airplane. Unlike paragliding, skydiving evolved from a practical activity used a lot in the military as a safety mechanism for airmen.

Skydiving jumps generally continue less than paragliding flights because the jump is simply said a movement from up to down instead of horizontal flying. The parachutes in skydiving offer less control of the flight than the paragliders do.

Skydiving is often practices also as performance sport – groups of skydivers perform various figures. This is less likely in paragliding which is more a sport for pure pleasure of the individual or the tandem who flies.

Paragliding vs. Skydiving
The advantages of paragliding over skydiving are mostly two: in paragliding you have more control and can fly much longer. You can also choose a direction for your flight and travel some distance. The second major advantage of paragliding is that you don’t need an airplane to lift you – just find a hill, run and start flying. It’s so cool indeed.

Skydiving however also have its advantages. First, you don’t need to run – the airplane does the job for you and you can concentrate entirely on the activity you wanted to do in first place. Second, in skydiving you can reach higher altitude – often the jumps start at 12,500 feet – 14,500 feet above the ground level. You can’t go as high in paragliding unless you have some really high mountains near you. And third, the feeling of the free fall before you open the parachute is something that can’t be compared to anything.

Mixed Martial Arts – The World’s Fastest-growing Sport

How soon things change. It seems like yesterday we were talking about how fast the fan base for Nascar was growing. Some people even foolishly talked about it possible taking over the NFL in popularity someday. Nascar’s growth and fan base has since taken a hit, most likely due to the recent economy problems over the last couple of years. That said, Mixed Martial Arts, MMA is the new reigning “worlds fastest growing sport” as we enter 2010, and looks to be for the foreseeable future.

Don’t get me wrong, the NFL is still the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to total fan base and world popularity, but MMA has shown substantial growth over the last decade, and even faster over the last 5 years. No growth like this ever lasts forever, but it’s hard to say how long it could last for MMA, given the momentum the sport has, and more specifically, the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The UFC is currently MMA’s biggest promotion, and therefore has the world’s best stable of fighter’s. The UFC has also become the new darling of Las Vegas much to the chagrin of the powers that be in the boxing world. But instead of being bitter, the sport of boxing needs to take a look at why that is. For one, you can’t get any big fights for free anymore when it comes to boxing. The UFC on the other hand, air’s free broadcast’s labled “UFC Fight Night” on Spike ever couple of months at least, and usually more than that. And these are normally big main events that the hardcore fans want to see, not fighters that nobody knows.

And more recent, news of StrikeForce’s signing of the worlds best fighter Fedor Emelianenko shook the MMA world, and now Fedor will hope to become a household name by way of free network broadcasting of the sport’s most popular fighter in a contract with CBS.

The key to enjoying the excitement of the sport though, is to understand all the different aspects of the sport, and to recognize the transitions that you see throughout a typical fight. The least understood of these being the “ground game”. To the casual observer, this might seem boring compared to striking (the term used in MMA referring to the stand up phase of a fight). And sometimes it is with average talent. But when you have two world class grappler’s going at it, its the most exciting part of a fight in my opinion.

What a new fan should watch for on the ground is the use of “the guard”, and the escape from this position for the other fighter, also known as “passing the guard.” The guard position consists of the fighter on bottom to control his/her opponent by wrapping his/her legs around the waist of the fighter on top while controlling the head, keeping him/her off balance, making it easier to sweep or submit the other. Normally the fighter on top or “in the guard” will try to get his/her legs around the leg’s of the opponent, or to “ground and pound” the other fighter with strikes from the top position. There are usually no submissions from inside the guard.

It’s impossible to cover all the nuances of the sport in this article, but once the more common ideas of the grappling part of MMA is understood by new and non fans, the more enjoyment will come out of watching great fights and understanding how technical these fighters are, not to mention the level of conditioning that it takes to compete in this sport. Most think it rivals that of their counterparts in the NFL, or any other sport for that matter. So the next time you are around a new fan, take a minute to explain the fastest growing sport in the world. See you at the fights!