Aaron Hartfield on Becoming a Great Footballer


It is not easy to be an athlete. It takes continuous practice and hard work to stick to the game. Improvement is as important as knowing the rule. This is the reason, players who want to make a career as sports persons need to gather tips to stay in shape even at the off season.

Aaron Hartfield is a professional footballer. He has spent a lot of time learning the game. He plays well and have done well in his short career. He has learnt enough tricks to help the young players in their career. If you are serious about being a great footballer, this article might help you get started in your career and also get better at being a footballer.

Setting a Goal

Aaron has learnt that without a goal, it is not possible to go far. This is the reason, he focuses on setting goals. In his personal life, he sets goals to accomplish success. This he tells the young players to do too. Goals when set properly lets you know where to go. Sometimes choosing the right path becomes the most difficult task. To avoid such state of confusion, you need to have a goal in mind. You need to know where you want to go and how to reach it. However, there is one important fact you need to remember, setting unreasonable goal might cause reverse result. If you set a goal which is unachievable, you will soon lose your courage to chase it. In such a case, you will end up giving up on your effort. This is the reason always set reasonable goals which will help you in your career paths.

Practice a Lot

This is a cliché. However, Aaron Hartfield focuses on this too.  He says without hours spent practicing no one will be able to make it as a successful footballer. Always attend team practices. These are scheduled for a reason. Here you will get to know the tricks to become better at the game. You will also learn about your weaknesses. Without knowing your weakness you will not be able to work on them. If you don’t have a partner to practice with, you can train yourself to be better. If you are a QB, you can focus on your legwork. In case of other positions, you can work on your throws or receiving skill. It is you to decide where you need the hardest work. Don’t fail to show up is the motto everyone should be acquiring.

Know You Can

Knowing that you are capable makes the journey a lot easier. When you have the confidence and faith, you can do it. Therefore, no matter what always believe in yourself. Of course there will come times when you might feel down. Of course, there will be games that will create doubt in your mind. These are the times when you need to cling on to the belief that you are born to succeed. Aaron says that nothing brings success better than a strong mind with confidence.

Attitude Does it All – Wear the NFL Attitude


Attitude determines whether you are going to be a success or a failure in life. This is not only true in case of football but the whole life follows this observation only. However, as a footballer your attitude surely makes a big difference. Anywhere else you might get away with the wrong attitude for a while, but, football is not the game which will allow you to get successful with anything but the right attitude. The question arises then how to build that attitude which will not only earn you a place in NFL, it will make you survive the challenge of the sport as well.


Being a pro footballer Duval Love NFL knows the importance of right attitude for a footballer. His career has been a successful one. He indoctrinates the need to be motivated with what you would like to accomplish. Don’t think of what you don’t want to do. This is a psychological game which the footballers play. Think of the successful outcomes only. Don’t think of the negative things which mish happen. On the field when the opposition is ramming against you the positive and success thought can get you going.


The ability to keep professional and person life separate will surely help you get better at your game. Yes, there will be problems, Duval Love takes it. But, giving in to personal problems will only ruin your career. Chasing your passion requires making sacrificing. Football too wants you to make a lot of sacrifices. You need to understand that NFL is the most popular game in America. If you don’t get yourself prepared for the game, you will not be able to qualify. People like Love had made a lot of sacrifices in their loves to be successful.


Practice a lot, this might sound like a cliché. But, the bottom line of success is practicing. If you don’t keep pushing you will not get better. Pro football is a contact game. You are always exposed to the risk of getting injured. This is the main reason why you need to keep pushing yourself. It is important that you keep improving yourself. With practice not only your skill will get better, your confidence level will get a boost as well.


Learning to take responsibility changes the attitude. Yes, you can put the blame on someone else. You can put the blame on the field. You can put the blame on the boots you were wearing. Duval Love NFL makes it a point to say that putting blame will not help you get better. It will only hold you back. Instead of putting the blame on someone, accept responsibility. If you have made a mistake and the team has suffered due to it, don’t run from the mistake. Instead accept it. Once you do, you will be able to learn from it.


Being a star is important. However, being a brand is more important in the modern generation. Get a mentor, someone how has played the game. Find out how you want to be known as. This will help you promote yourself.